Outdoor Events & Festivals

For outdoor events such as festivals and carnivals we can provide staging, trussing, lighting, power and sound up to our full system of 8 x 1Kw line arrays and 8 x 1,2Kw subs. We can even provide power using a 60KVA generator should it be required. This kind of event we would also provide engineers to run the stage side of the system and an upfront engineer to setup the system, mix the bands and monitor the whole system.

Speaker and amp testing
Our smaller 3x4m stage with speakers & stage equipment under gazebos. FoH powered by the Midas M32 wit AES50 link to stage.

Temporary Internet Access

For Shropshire events that are within 15km line-of-sight to The Wrekin, we are also able to provide a temporary wireless Internet connection via our sister company Userve Internet. This can be useful either for event staff and services, or to provide WiFi access to guests.